A Little Background…

We met and were instantly friends.  I don’t know why because we are very different, VERY.  She is very self centered and always has to “one-up” you, no matter the situation.  I think at first I thought it was funny.  She seemed sarcastic like me.  It wasn’t long before the plans we made were ALWAYS being broken by her.  There were valid reasons so, much as I hated not knowing how things were going to work on any given day, I always said “okay, no problem.”  It was a constant thing, so much so that if I got a text close to when we had plans, my children would announce “Brigitte is cancelling!”  They are still young so clearly it was a problem.  It went on like this for almost a year.  Then one day I had had too much.  Again, plans had been made, promises too…then without so much as the bat of an eye, she did what she wanted to do anyway.  I was PISSED! I do not like confrontation so I just walked away from the situation.  I needed to cool off, I needed to not sound like a screaming banshee.  Finally, the next evening she wanted to know if I was upset with her.  I calmly texted her what was wrong and why I felt the way I did.  Somehow it got turned around, I was now apologizing to her for how the way she treated me made me feel.  What the hell?????  It’s been awkward ever since…I tried to be okay with everything.  I tried the whole “fake it ’til you make it” philosophy (to no avail).  At this point, I think I have emotionally divorced one of my closest friends.  The trouble is, she doesn’t realize it yet.  So if you don’t mind, please, may I bitch?



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